General Council YDA Punjab meeting: March 16, 2013: ABSH Gujrat.

YDA Punjab GC meeting was held last night at ABSH Gujrat where following decisions were unanimously made:

1- “Patients Welfare Cell of YDA Punjab” (PWC-YDAP) will be constituted in all chapters to help the poor patients’ complaints regarding unavailability of medicine/labs/beds etc which will be highlighted and efforts would be made to seek the solution. First to be inaugurated in JHL on March 18.

2- Free & quality medicine, tests for the poor in public hospitals of Punjab to be strongly pursued.

3- Provision of grocery, household utensils to those affected in Joseph colony Lahore on Wednesday. Donations welcomed at YDA SHL office.
4- Reinstatement/joining of the young drs in different hospitals will be pursued effectively and strongly.

United we stand!

YDA Punjab


Press Release: March 15, 2013. 3rd day of Free medical relief camp at Joseph colony Lahore by YDA Punjab

Dear sir/madam, YDA (young doctors association) Punjab is a registered organization representing the young doctors of the Punjab province of Pakistan whci is working on a struggle of safeguarding patients’ as well as the doctors rights. In compliance with our manifesto of provision of free and quality healthcare (medicines and laboratory investigations), we have practically started the struggle by taking part in the social welfare projects. Latest is developing a Free Medical Relief Camp by YDA Punjab at the Joseph colony Badaami Baagh Lahore where many a sad incident of burning Christian’s community houses took place. The residents are living in make-shift houses in that area and are prone to various infectious diseases due to unsafe drinking water, mosquitoes and harsh weather outside in the camps. Free Medical Camp was set up on March 13, 2013 where two teams of young doctors one each from YDA Punjab Institute of Cardiology and YDA Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore served the ailing humanity on the first day from 9 am to 5 pm. On day 2: March 14, 2013, one team from YDA Services hospital Lahore served from 9AM to 1PM, and second team from YDA Lahore General hospital catered dozens of the patients from 1 PM to 5 PM. On day 3: March 15, 2013 (today) one team from YDA Mayo hospital Lahore has worked from 9 AM to 1 PM, which has now been replaced by another team from YDA Sheikh Zayed hospital Lahore who is now working in the free medical relief camp and serving the diseased irrespective of the religion, color and race. We have decided to continue our Free Medical Camp till the time its needed at the colony. We are also providing free medicines purchased from the donations of the young doctors and from families and friends. Yesterday, Patron-in-Chief YDA Punjab Dr Hamid Butt has announced to start a province wide campaign for collection of the donations from young doctors to be able to provide general household commodities, grocery, eatables, water trunks etc to the people who are very much the part of our nation and need us in this time of distress. May Allah help us in our struggle. Amen. Dr. Khurram. Media Secretary YDA Punjab


YDA Punjab press conference (Feb 19):

YDA Punjab press conference (Feb 19):
YDA Punjab condemns the brutal target-killing of Dr. Syed Ali Haider (LGH) and his son and demands law-enforcing departments for immediate arrest of the killers. We demand justice for the grieved family.
As a protest, all the doctors across Punjab will wear black armbands during working hours from tomorrow onwards till justice is attained.
Dr.Hamid Butt.Patron YDAP
Dr.Javed Aheer.President YDAP
Dr.Usman Maan. GS YDAP
Dr.Saud Afzal.Chairman GC YDAP


Column by Mr. Najam Wali Khan in Daily Pakistan (Feb 18)

Column by Mr. Najam Wali Khan in Daily Pakistan (Feb 18)


UPDATE (Feb 17)

A delegate of YDAP leadership held a meeting with CM today, he agreed on principal that all the demands of YDA Punjab are genuine. A committee (headed by senator Pervaiz Rasheed, consisting of members of YDA Punjab, Govt, and principals) is formed which will ensure following till Feb 25:
1- Provision of free medicine to all poor patients.
2- Free tests/investigations for all poor patients.
3- Repair of all out-of-order machinery in govt hospitals of Punjab.
4- All victimising tools by Health Deptt will be reverted immediately.
5- Fast-track implementation of Service Structure.
The Hunger Strike has been called off.
We thank drs their families, ISF, MSM, IJT, PTUDC, railway union, lawyers unions, teachers union, activists of political parties who supported us in this cause of Free Healthcare for All.
United we stand!
United we win!
YDA Punjab

Demands of Hunger Camp Doctors (Ghous Azam road, Lahore: In front of Services hospital)

1- Provision of free and quality medicines, free investigations to all poor patients presenting in the outdoor, indoor and emergency departments of the public/govt. hospitals of the Punjab.
2- Repair/replacement of the out-of-order machinery (Including CT scan, MRI, fluoroscopy, XRAY, laboratory machines, operation theatre machines, anaesthesia machines, cardiac monitors, ventilators, angiography machines etc.)
3- All parliamentarians, civil servants and bureaucrats should be admitted and get treatment in the same wards where a common citizen of Pakistan is admitted.
4- Implementation of the already-approved Service Structure (on 7th November 2012) by CM Punjab for doctors with its true spirit immediately.
5- Reversal of departmental victimization by Health Department Govt. of Punjab in the form of termination from job/suspensions/transfers, show-cause notice letters to the doctors.
6- Following medical facilities/departments should be made functional at earliest priority:
A. Indoor complex of Children Hospital Lahore.
B. 300-bed indoor facility in Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lahore
C. Operation theatre complex and Punjab Institute of Neurosciences under construction since 2009 in Lahore General Hospital, Lahore.
D. Burn Center Jinnah Hospital Lahore under construction since 2007 should be made functional as yet there is not even a single burn unit in Punjab.
E. Surgical tower in Mayo Hospital under construction since 2005 should be made functional at earliest priority.
F. OPD complex in Services hospital Lahore should be made functional at priority.


United Nations Security Council reaced!

Mr. Mubashar Lucman’s petition against torture on a disabled lady doctor, state-terrorism and arrests of peacefully protesting doctors of Punjab in Lahore (who were already on hunger strike) has been submitted in United Nations Security Council. Video evidences and petition signed by the doctors and different unions has also been sent.
Truth will prevail the world around now!
United we stand against all cruelty and injustice!
YDA Punjab


Daily Sama column by Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Ahmed

Daily Sama column by Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Ahmed


PRESS RELEASE: (February 13, 2013 Wednesday)

PRESS RELEASE: (February 13, 2013 Wednesday)
Today is the 10th day of Hunger Strike by young doctors of Pujab in front of Services Hospital Lahore, Punjab; they have missed 29 consecutive meals, are on continuous Dextrose water intravenous infusions. Their demands are following:
1- Commencement of provision of free medicines/drugs (oral, intravenous, enteral, pareneteral), free laboratory investigations, free bedding, free operation procedures/the tools used in operations; to the people presenting in the public/govt hospitals of the Punjab.
2- Repair of the out-of-order machinery in the hospitals to working condition. (Including CT scan, MRI, fluoroscopy, XRAY, laboratory machines, operation theatre machines, anaesthesia machines, cardiac monitors, ventilators, angiograhy machines etc)
3- Reversal of departmental victimisation by Health Department Govt of Punjab in the form of termination from job/suspensions/undue transfers, harassment letters to homes of the young doctors who were peacefully protesting in the form of OPD camps and were catering all the patients presneting to hospitals without any hindrance, just because they tried to expose the mournfully bad health conditions in public hospitals of the Punjab where they have to work.

Today, protest rallies were held all over the big cities in Punjab in solidarity with the Hunger Stricken young doctors and their patients-welfare demands. In Lahore, thousands of participants from doctors and their families, patients and attendants, General public, civil society, students organizations including Insaf Students Federation, Mustafvi Students Movement, Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba; trade unions including Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign (PTUDC), Pakistan Railways Union, Trade unions of Lahore, Punjab Teachers Association, Lahore Bar Association and many other professional associations took part. The rally started from Ghulam Ghous road (jail road) Lahore and marched toward the Governor house Punjab where they staged sit-in (dharna) on the Mall road and raised slogans for free medicine, labs tests, investigations and treatment. The dharna continued for more than 2 hours.
Similar rallies were conducted in Faisalabad, Multan, Rahimyar Khan, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi, Gujrat, DG Khan and other cities.



Our volunteers have missed 22 consecutive meals. On continuous IV dextrose.
Punjab police tortured drs lady drs, arrested 24 hunger stricken doctors, to which community is boycotting indoor, outdoor services today across Punjab.
We demand justice!
We demand a better healthcare system for all!
United we stand!
YDA Punjab


Protest Rally on Feb 13, Wednesday

Protest Rally By Hunger Stricken Doctors on Feb 13, Wednesday at 11 AM starting from camp site!
All the drs, students unions, labor unions, professionals, civil society, general public from all over Punjab are invited to join in for a noble cause:
“Zalimo jawab do..Awaam ko ilaj do”
Free medicine, labs, investigations, operations, treatment for all!
Please join for the cause.
YDA Punjab


Video of Police Tyranny on Young Doctors


police trotutre on hunger striken young doctors


Video of police troture on hunger striken young doctors @ jail road Lahore

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